So proud of my lil sis…graduating today from big school: top of her class in all subjects throughout college and recipient of the Blue award. Definitely a superb role model and school captain for her fellow peers. We love you purple squidgy! Xx

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3rd u50 Sri Chinmoy 10km fun run in 45:32…3 seconds short of a PB! Spewing #runningrabbit #livefitlivelife

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Beautiful day at Henley beach, Radelaide :)

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White water rafting, Rotorua, New Zealand

Follow me for more vertical nature and landscape!

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Such an awesome day with the hockey girls at the snow. Lucky to have such a fun, cohesive, supportive team :)

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Nearly ready to go - first city2surf! So nervous! #city2surf #14km #charityrun

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O hey brumby Jack! #gobrumbies #bruvtah

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Went for a nice little 5km run this morning with Daisy, averaging 4.44min/km. Only two and a half weeks to City2Surf! Still looking for sponsorship…Head to
to donate :)
#charityrun #redcross #city2surf #14km

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So happy with my 10km run this morning down the coast - averaged 4.46mins/km. City2surf in 4 weeks here I come! :)

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Fun day at Perisher with the wee one! #perisher

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Celebrating World Chocolate Day; getting into the festivities with a freddo frog is justified…

right?! Haha

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